Coffee Capsule Vs Other Types Of Machines


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Below a basic chart of some of the coffee machines or makers that I’ve used before, and if it’s too much info, just know that Coffee Capsule Machine + reusable capsule makes the value.

Machine / Maker






Drip / Filter Coffee


Add ground coffee to coffee filter and hot water pass thru. About 10-15min

Light, watery. 

Can only make black coffee. 

Not strong enough to pair with milk


Can Make large amount of coffee

High in caffeine

Burnt if left in.

It’s so watery.

Consumables: coffee filter

No Crema.

Need to buy ground coffee in bags. Not fresh and goes stale easily



Put a capsule, press a button

Ready in seconds

Strong to Light. Depending on the system of the coffee capsule. For Strong type, can pair with milk

-Great value for the machines

- Simple to use.

-No multiple parts to clean and assemble

-Time Saving


- airtight packed with fresh ground coffee

-low in caffeine for espresso extraction models like Nespresso.

-expensive in long term

- need to recycle

- For some capsule systems, the variety is limited to the manufacturer. 

- Different systems of c. capsule m/c has different sizes of capsules.

Can use reusable capsules to boost the machine's value. 

Consistent Crema and Intensity for espresso

Manual/SemiAutomatic Espresso Maker

Find the right Grind, temperature, pressure according to different types of coffee roast or blends

Great if you are able to brew like a barista.

Awful if you don’t know how to make espresso the right way

Good for my personal Ego if were more proficient in handling the machine. 

Good espresso, and basic for cappuccino, latte, and great variety of coffee recipes

Pricey to expensive.

High learning curve

Lots of parts to assemble and clean

Prepacked ESE pods are available to make it easier to use.

Crema depends on how you brew it

Automatic Espresso Maker

If it has a grinder built, it is very easy to use. Just select coffee type, and press a button

Good and consistent.

Some super-automatic machines even makes cappuccino or latte 


Inner structure is difficult to clean. Cockroaches like to habitat inside

Great Crema, strong espresso.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Use a coffee filter, place ground coffee, and slowly pour water in certain motions

Light but Aromatic. 

Good to taste as black coffee. 

No many gadgets, simple to use. 

No Crema, best enjoyed as black coffee.

The coffee must be very freshly roasted to brew a great coffee.

French Press Coffee Maker

Put ground coffee, add hot water, stir and press.

Light to mild strong coffee. Aromatic, but watery. 

Best drink as black coffee, doesn’t not make espresso, so it doesn’t match that well for cappuccinos 

Besides making coffee, you can make tea, and milk froth. 

No to little crema.

Before pouring water, need to check that water temperature is below boiling point to not burn your coffee. Over extraction or under extraction problems. 

Many parts to disassemble for cleaning.

But it’s a cheap and good investment.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Figure out all the gadgets places. Place coffee, hot water and use your body weight to press water into the coffee

Light to Strong. Depends on how you use it. It looks simple to use, but in fact there’s a learning curve to make a great cup of coffee. Best enjoy as black



It’s a hassle, so many parts to clean.

And if pressure is not put evenly, the coffee might pour out. 

Easier to press if you use coarse ground coffee, but it tastes watery. But if you want a strong coffee, the finer the grind, the harder to push

Cold Brew method and makers

Put ground coffee in a drip structure maker, pour water and let it drip in the fridge. Or put coffee and water together, put it in the fridge and drain it after 8-12 hours. Or Ice every couple of hours and let it brew slowwwly

Light and aromatic.

Best use with single origin coffee.

Depending on the maker  you use, it can go cheap to very expensive.

Uses more coffee than other methods.

Caffeine is the highest

It takes 8-12 hours just to brew a couple of cups of coffee!

I will admit, it taste great, smooth and light. But I can’t have more than a cup for day.

Stovetop Moka Pot Coffee Maker

Put water, put ground coffee, and put in on top of stovetop or fire

Mild to Strong.

Sometimes burnt. 

Crema is not very rich. 

Cheapest way to make an espresso kind of  coffee.

You need to pay special attention to the fire and time. Don't grab the holder if it’s too hot or already melted.

I used to love Moka pot, until it burnt my arms twice. This is a hazardous maker. Remember to set a timer!

Siphon Coffee Maker

It’s a more complex way to prepare, that I can’t just write it down in short texts.

Need additional heat source.

Flavour and aromatic if done correctly. 

It looks nice as a decoration.

Makes you feel like a pro if you can brew it right. 

The glass is so fragile, is labor intensive, and there are so many parts to clean and fridge.

No crema, watery if not prepared well

I got one, And I only use it twice in my whole life. 

I’m all into simplicity.. This type of machine makes we want to break things!