SealPod Filter Sticker Lids

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SealPod Filter Sticker Lids

EACH BAG CONTAINS 102pcs of Sticker Lids

Diameter 37mm, specially design for Nespresso® capsules. Food grade safe.

PAPER FILTER LIDS: This is for tea or powder base drinks

How to use: fill tea or powder into capsule, DO NOT press down, and stick the paper filter stickers.

The advantage of the paper stickers is that it can filter out the extra particles of tea leaves.

It is biodegradable and can be used for espresso, but it gives the coffee less crema.

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Frequent asked question: Why Sealpod is more expensive than other OEM products?

ANSWER=> Unlike other suppliers, we DON'T use PVC industrial glue, bleached products..etc

and we also do several 3rd party laboratory test on the aluminum material and glue to ensure our products are food grade safe. The testing, the development, the perfection of our product is also a cost that we have. We hope sincerely you can support us and you can rest assure that you are buying good quality products without putting your health at risk.


1. YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE AN INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE.Any import tax and extra local charge that might occur at the destination country is to be paid by customer. If you don't agree, please do not make the purchase in our site. If you want to check import tax of your country, please visit the below website and follow the instructions.

Import Tax information:

HS code:

  • Stainless steel cups: 732393
  • Aluminum stickers: 761510

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3. ALL COMPATIBLE MACHINES are as listed in our product description. Under no circumstances we will accept return of product due to buyer's misunderstanding or usage of non advised coffee grind or type. For your reference, very fine grind just won't work!, nor will it work with margarine or sugar roasted coffee.


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