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Tips, tricks, and how-to guides for Sealpod capsules for Nespresso®.

Sealpod’s Patented Design

Sealpod’s patented refillable capsule system for Nespresso® will not damage your Nespresso OriginalLine machine. Sealpod system consists of the following components: Capsules Made of Stainless Steel material. #304 Reusable for life given the proper care and maintenance Silicon Ring Made of heat resistant silicone material Enables a tighter seal when brewing espresso Espresso Lid Made of anodized …

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How to Clean Your Reusable Capsules

The capsules are stainless steel. That means they’ll be quite hot after brewing. Please let them cool before you touch them. That will also make it easier to remove the sticker lids. Once the capsule is cool, you can remove the sticker lid. To do so, puncture it with the handle of the scoop, then …

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How to Fill Sealpod Reusable Capsules

♦ Sealpod for Nespresso Original Line ♦ Use the scoop to fill your capsule. Tamp the coffee with the base of the spoon. We recommend filling and tamping twice. This will allow more pressure to build in the capsule. Finally, run the handle of the scoop over the rim of the capsule to remove any …

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Best Espresso Grind for Sealpod Capsules

One of the best things about Sealpod capsules is this: You get to brew your favorite espresso in your Nespresso® machine! The second best thing is the thick crema! Sealpod is one of the fewer reusable capsules for your machine that can really provide an intense espresso with thick crema. With any refillable Nespresso® capsule, you’ll need experiment …

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Nespresso® Machine Compatibility

Sealpod capsules have been designed to work with most Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines. Sealpod does not work with VertuoLine™ machines. We test our reusable pods for compatibility on all the following Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines: Citiz™ and Citiz-Milk™ Concept™ Essenza™, Essenza Krups™ and Essenza Mini™ Gran Maestria™ Inissia™ * KitchenAid™ Latissima™ and Latissima+™ Le Cube™ Maestria™ Pixie™ U™ and …

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