Best Espresso Grind for Sealpod Capsules

One of the best things about Sealpod capsules is this: You get to brew your favorite espresso in your Nespresso® machine!

The second best thing is the thick crema! Sealpod is one of the fewer reusable capsules for your machine that can really provide an intense espresso with thick crema.

With any refillable Nespresso® capsule, you’ll need experiment a little. Because our refillable capsules do not come pre-filled with espresso, it can take a little bit of testing to get the grind right. Luckily, experimenting with different grinds and coffees can be an enjoyable part of owning Sealpod capsules. Here are some tips on getting the grind right. And remember, the best espresso is always made with freshly roasted coffee.

Espresso Grinder Settings
Use fine grind, but not the finest grind, for most coffee

If You Are Using Pre-Ground Espresso with Seapod Capsules

If you’re buying pre-ground coffee or having your coffee store grind the coffee for you, then we suggest grinding to a Moka grind – 0.4~0.5mm. Moka grind is a fairly fine grind, but it is not as fine as the espresso grind.

If You Are Grinding Your Espresso Yourself

Use a fairly fine grind. However, do not use the finest grind. If the grind is too fine, the density inside the capsule might be too tight as it can lead to a restricted water flow.

Fine Espresso Grind
Use a fine grind

Grinders can also impact the performance of your capsules. We recommend using a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder. Blade grinders can sometimes produce coffee dust that can clog your capsule.

Burr Grinder
Burr grinder
Blade Grinder
Blade grinder