How to Fill Sealpod Reusable Capsules

Sealpod for Nespresso Original Line

Use the scoop to fill your capsule. Tamp the coffee with the base of the spoon. We recommend filling and tamping twice. This will allow more pressure to build in the capsule.

Finally, run the handle of the scoop over the rim of the capsule to remove any grinds before sealing with the SealPod sticker lid.

Sealpod for Dolce Gusto (Not compatible with Lumio and Colored)

Place the Strainer and the Paper filter into the Pod. Use one Scoop (9 grams) of “Espresso” ground coffee and use the bottom side of the scoop to press down the coffee till the measuring line. Place the Lid on top of the coffee and then Close the capsule with Cover. Place DGpod into the Capsule holder and align the hole to the center of the machine’s capsule holder.