About Sealpod Reusable Capsules

Sealpod reusable Nespresso® capsules give you a choice when it comes to your Nespresso® machine.

Choose Your Own Espresso

There are so many wonderful espresso blends in the world … and many of them are not made by Nespresso®.

Sealpod capsules let you brew your favorite espresso with your Nespresso® machine.


Choose to Save

For about the same price as a variety pack of disposable Nespresso® capsules, you can get stainless steel capsules that never wear out. Our capsules last longer than your machine and give you multiple ways to save:

  • They save you money the longer you use them
  • They reduce waste, helping to save the environment
  • They’re safe for your body, helping to save your health


Choose Capsules that Work

There are other compatible reusable capsules out there, but few are tested as thoroughly as Sealpod. We test our reusable pods for compatibility on all the following Nespresso® OriginalLine™ machines:

  • Citiz™ and Citiz-Milk™
  • Concept™
  • Essenza™ , Essenza Krups™ and Essenza Mini™
  • Gran Maestria™
  • Inissia™ *
  • Latissima™ and Latissima+™
  • Le Cube™
  • Maestria™
  • Pixie™
  • U™ and Umilk™
  • Prodigio™
  • Creatista Plus
  • Expert™