Must Know When Choosing The Right Reusable Capsule

Don’t buy reusable capsules before watching this

We all agree that having a coffee capsule machine makes life easier. Great coffee ready in seconds.

But then maybe you long for something else for your coffee capsule machine
Able to save money
Bored of pre-packed coffee pod selections and wish to try fresh roast coffee
Make less garbage with single use pods

So, the obvious solution would be to find a way to boost your coffee capsule’s value, and that is getting a capsule that you can use and reuse.

Now the Question would be HOW to choose the right one?

I’m Molly, founder of Best-Selling SealPod reusable capsules and just like you, I had the same question many years ago.

Back in 2012 before making my own reusable capsule, I bought about all the reusable capsules I could find so I can brew my own coffee. And my 5 criteria to choose a Reusable capsule were:

Must work well.
Duh.. this is so basic right? But in reality, some of them do not fit well inside the machine, or they give a misleading instruction on how to fill the coffee capsule and it damages your machine.

Food grade safe:
Some plastic refillable capsules even melted while trying to brew coffee! And that’s what we are able to see, who knows what else is leaking into our coffee

Able to make a good coffee with crema:
That’s the creamy layer on top of our coffee. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s an indication that I had a perfect brew and my coffee was fresh enough.

So many just capsules I tried just brewed watery coffee or had difficulty with coffee extraction, which means that the machine couldn’t handle the pressure pumping into the capsule, and this can ruin the inner pipes.

Easy to use and easy to clean:
You need a no hassle, easy solution so you can keep the habit up. But some of them are tricky to use, difficult to clean, and coffee residue gets stuck in their lids.

Who designed all these products?

With all those problems I saw while reviewing these capsules products, I wonder what kind of company is behind every product? What are their values? Were they thinking about the users making sure that it won’t damage their machine? Were people’s health taken into consideration or were they just for the profit no matter the consequences? Or maybe they just copy other brands' designs blindly and hope to scam customers? I felt so frustrated.

Because none of the capsules I bought were able to pass all the 5 super basic criteria, so eventually I decided to make my own reusable capsule, one that will work, make good coffee, compatible with my machine, and me not getting poison along the way.

After almost two years of research on hundreds of capsule machines, lab testing for non toxic issues, and perfecting the brewing, SealPod was finally ready. A coffee capsule that you and me will be willing to use and reuse for a long time.

You can be confident that authentic SealPod was designed by a coffee capsule lover that has your best interest at heart, and that’s what makes SealPod so unique and trust-worthy.

Now, many years have passed since and it’s mind blowing to see that compatibility and toxic problems are still out there.

Please take into consideration the very basic 5 criteria when choosing a reusable capsule, or any product. You can start by checking if the product has in the packaging their company information, address and so on in case anything happens and you can claim any damage to your health or machine. If it’s blank, please don’t take that risk. It’s not worth it.