Frequently Asked Questions

For Nespresso Original line

Frequently Asked Questions about Sealpod 

Coffee Tips

 1. Descale your machine at least every 6 months or over 200 cups. This will help extend the lifespan of your machine, making sure the brewing pressure is normal.

 2. Choose the roast level you prefer. You may try several roast level and profiles to find the one you enjoy the most. You might prefer different roasts for different purposes.

- If you're drinking the espresso straight, you might want a single-origin bean that's not roasted very dark.

- If you are making latte or cappuccino, you might want a darker roast that will stand up to the milk.

- Mixing different roast profiles in one blend also helps to get a more intense flavor.

 3. Use burrs type grinder to grind the beans.

- If the beans are ground too coarsely, the water will run through them too quickly, so the flavor won't be developed and it will result in watery coffee. In this case, tamp the coffee harder when filling the capsule.

- If the beans are ground too fine, the shot will pull for too long which could make the espresso bitter, or even block the machine. In this case, do NOT tamp the coffee when filling the capsule.

Store any unused coffee: If you have extra ground coffee, you can store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Try to use the leftover coffee as soon as you can, since the coffee will lose its flavor the longer it's stored.
- Avoid storing the ground coffee or beans in a refrigerator or freezer. These spaces can introduce moisture which will damage your coffee.

Filling Sealpod: When filling the coffee inside the capsule, press the coffee with the back of your scoop with light pressure. According to the extraction, increase or decrease the pressure next time. The grind level, roasting profile and coffee blend might also play a role.

We hope you find these tips helpful!