Coffee, what a magic liquid! I think it’s one of the most comforting companions we need specially in times of need. It’s so calming and yet more than often it cheers up our day.

  Dear Friends,

Welcome to Sealpod! I'm Molly Liu, the founder of Sealpod, and I'm excited to share the inspiring journey behind the creation of our brand.

 In 2007, life dealt me a challenging hand with the sudden loss of my father and the end of my marriage. Left with no savings and nowhere to live, I found refuge in my office, graciously offered by my supportive boss. Despite working for a Spanish trading company, the tumultuous wave of the 2008 Spanish financial crisis brought further stress, anxiety, and even depression into my life.

 During these difficult times, one constant source of comfort had always been coffee. Its aroma, taste, and texture had provided solace since my younger years. However, even the familiar embrace of coffee seemed insufficient to heal my wounds.

  Over the next five years, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect cup of coffee, experimenting with various coffee machines. My determination to achieve consistency was unrelenting, driven by a desire to reclaim a piece of normalcy. Growing up in South America, where coffee culture runs deep, I felt an undeniable connection to this beverage.

In the pursuit of this goal, I faced setbacks and hardships. I remember a mishap with a stovetop moka pot, where the plastic handle melted, leaving me burnt and broken. It was a moment that encapsulated my frustration, a reminder that even the simplest pleasures were elusive.

While it might seem melodramatic, the inability to brew a cup of coffee resonated deeply, underscoring my feelings of helplessness. Amid a demanding work schedule, I eventually surrendered to instant coffee, a choice that took a toll on my well-being.

Then, in 2012, a dear friend introduced me to coffee capsules. The mesmerizing dance of coffee drops turning into layers of crema captivated me. That first sip felt like a revelation, a taste of what I had been seeking. The consistency and speed of capsule brewing were remarkable, and I knew I had found my answer.

Yet, the environmental toll and financial burden of disposable capsules weighed heavily on me. As a solution-driven individual, I decided to design a reusable capsule, originally named Bigsis and now rebranded as Sealpod.

The journey to create the perfect product was challenging but rewarding. Ensuring food-grade materials and obtaining FDA approvals demanded immense dedication. Despite skeptics, I persevered, driven by the belief that our customers deserved a safe and functional solution.

In November 2013, I uploaded a video comparing Sealpod's performance with similar products on YouTube. The unexpected success of the video, coupled with encouraging comments, propelled me to move forward. By late 2014, we were in production, with a commitment to quality and sustainability.

Over the years, Sealpod has evolved into one of the market's premier reusable capsule options. The joy of receiving heartfelt messages and reviews from around the globe reaffirms our mission. People can now savor their favorite freshly roasted coffee conveniently, without compromise.

Looking back, I'm grateful for the pursuit of simplifying the art of making coffee. This endeavor birthed Sealpod, a reusable capsule that transforms a daily ritual into an experience of convenience, quality, and care for the planet.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to those who walked this path with me. My boss, Gorka Garmendia, who offered refuge and initial investments during my lowest moments. My friend, TingYu (RIP), who introduced me to the world of coffee capsules. My family, friends, and business partners who've stood by me. Frank, Ted, and Kan—my partners in R&D and supply—your contributions have been invaluable. To Justin Brook, Ecocapsulas, Crema Joe, and our worldwide distributors, your belief in our product is cherished.

A special thank you to the customer who inspired the concept of "FRESH COVERS," enhancing Sealpod's usability.

Finally, dear friend, thank you for taking the time to read this account. While my talents lie in perfecting Sealpod's functionality, your support means the world. Sending you warm embraces!