Make the most our of your coffee capsule machine

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“Changing the World, One Capsule at a Time”

Our Mission is to elevate your coffee capsule machine brews to new heights of flavor and aroma, all while reducing disposable pod waste.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future, one capsule at a time.

How Can Sealpod Help You?

Sealpod Reusable Pod Coffee Nespresso | Christmas promotion

Freedom of Choice

Sealpod gives you the freedom to choose and brew your own favorite coffee, taste the best brews from around the world without stepping out of your home.

Protect the sea turtle using Sealpod

Take Care of the Planet

Choosing to use Sealpod Reusable Capsule, YOU CAN make a positive impact to our enviroment and give our future gerenation a better place to live.

Save more money using Sealpod Reusable Capsules | Christmas sales promotion

Save more Money

Save on money and single-use waste, but never skimp on flavor. Sealpod is made with 304 food -grade Stainless Steel that will last you a lifetime. The more you use, the more you save!

Why Sealpod?

Better Brews, Richer Crema

With SealPod you can achieve the perfect brew with rich crema.

Thanks to our sticker lids, it enables pressure to build inside when brewing, resulting in great crema just like pre-packaged capsules. (With the taste of fresh coffee!)

Creamy coffee Brewed with Reusable pods | Chistimas Sale
Choosing Fresh Coffee at coffee shop | Chstimas discount

Freedom Of Choice

SealPod is designed to elevate every coffee lover into a coffee connoisseur.

We created our reusable capsules to give you the freedom to choose which beans and blends to try with your capsule machine. Whether you prefer to grind your own beans or stick to disposable pods, SealPod is a choice you can always turn to.

Minimize Waste, Maximize Flavor

Save on money and single-use waste, but never skimp on flavor. SealPod is an eco-friendly coffee capsule alternative that doesn’t compromise your favorite cup of joe. Reduce your environmental footprint and keep your health in check by brewing less through hot plastic.

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Sealpod stainless steel reusable capsule that brews tea | Christmas promotion

Enjoy An Afternoon Tea

With SealPod paper lids, You now have the option to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea in the comfort of your home.

Expand the possibilities of your Nespresso capsule machine!


Listen to what our customers have to say about SealPod

J. Holmes

Just what my Nespresso Machine Needed

Works great! I can't tamp it too hard or it stalls my little Nespresso machine, but with just a light tamp it comes out great with a very nice crema. I am very picky about the taste of my coffee and the Nespresso brand pods always tasted a little off to me. I have been using a fine espresso grind and cleaning just by wiping down about 5-10 minutes after the shot is pulled. Would recommend to anyone who has a Nespresso machine and wants a higher quality coffee


Great product!

I am so pleased with this product. The pods are easy to clean and prepare. I use Stone Street Knee Buckling Espresso-fine ground coffee, which works great with the pods and I get a perfect crema every time.
My first attempt at using the pods didn't work out great because I pressed the grounds too firmly into the pod. I would recommend using the back of the scoop to lightly tap the grounds into the pod so that they are compact, but the water can also pass through the pod smoothly.

Lindsay Walker

An effective, less wasteful, and cost-saving alternative

Although I’d begun purchasing my Peet’s Nespresso pods from Costco and prepaid return envelopes to send used pods back to Peet’s for recycling, the amount of transportation, energy, expense, and waste required for my morning espresso (often plural) was bothering me.
I initially purchased a two-pack of the Seal Pods and ran some pre-ground Peet’s Major Dickinson’s blend coffee in my grinder again on the fine setting in an attempt to match the grind of the sample provided with my Seal Pods. I didn’t compare the grind super closely, but it seemed to work. The espressos I draw from these are comparable to those from the preloaded pods and I still get crema. Plus, I like that blend.

Jared Handel

Great product!

I was skeptical at first since I failed miserably trying to repurpose used Nespresso capsules with aluminum foil - as seen on YouTube. However, these Seal Pods work great! Easy to use, good quality, and most important really good espresso

Rob Clarke

Better coffee for a better price

These seal pods enable you to drink the brand of espresso you like best and save money at the same time.
While Nespresso roasts some very food coffees, they do not sell some of my favorites, including Yaucono from Puerto Rico. Also, the three or four espresso cup-a-day coffee habit can amount to around $1,000 per year. That's a lot of money for coffee. The up front cost of these pods is mitigated within a year, and although I have had them only a few weeks, they appear to be made of quality stainless steel with a silicone seal. I suspect they will last many years, perhaps longer than the Nespresso machine I own.

Laura Rivera Arroyo

Works great!

I got this because I work at Starbucks and get free coffee bags now so wanted to save money on buying coffee pods for my Nespresso. It works great! It's easy to put the coffee in and just seal with the stickers. It is also easy to peal off and clean after using it. Only thing is the rubber part that goes on the pod on one has been coming off after making my coffee so I have to be careful not to loose it, but if anything the package brought pairs if that happens, which is great, so I am good. I highly recommend if you want to use your own kind of coffee and/or use less plastic to throw away. Great and easy to use and good money saver. This is coming from a college student

Jacob C.

They just work.

I have a Nespresso Inissia and I got these capsules because they were the highest rated refillable capsule. The metal filter is easy to clean, doesn't stain or rust (I leave coffee grounds in these very often out of pure laziness). They fill easily and do not let any espresso grounds through. I have been using Cafe' Bustelo espresso and it has made the best crema' I have seen out of any espresso machine with these capsules

Samuel G. Davila

SEAL POD Reusable Nespresso Capsules

Excellent alternative for those who likes traditional coffee flavor. You can skip buying exclusive Nespresso flavors coffee capsules because the seal pod let you create your own coffee.

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January 2012

First Capsule Machine

In 2012 Molly got her first Nespresso machine and she loved it! She was finally able to make herself a delicious espresso without all the hassle.

April 2012

Exploring More Options

Molly wanted to try fresh roasted coffee with her Nespresso machine and reduce the waste and expense of using disposable pods

May 2012

Testing all the reusable capsules

Molly purchased ALL the reusable capsules in the market with the hope to find one that can meet her criteria, disappointed at the results, she decided to make it herself


No Compromise

Determined to develop the most compatible capsule with best result, we tested our capsule with all the Nespresso machines in the market

May 2014

SealPod for Nespresso was born

All great things take time, and in May 2014, SealPod was finally ready, the ONE capsule that Molly was satisfied and happy with


Patented and Innovative

SealPod is a Patented product because of its innovative design.

Nov 2016

SealPod for Dolce Gusto

Second innovative and patented capsule was ready, this time compatible with Dolce Gusto – our DGPod

2015 ~ 2020

Best Selling Reusable Capsule

Amazon’s Choice – Best Reusable Capsule with the highest rating and reviews since 2015, still in the market because SealPod simply works