About Us

The comforting aroma of coffee, the warming pleasure of a morning coffee, sharing a coffee with family or friends – it is an important element of our everyday life. But what if this simple pleasure was responsible for the consumption of 6 million disposable capsules a day?  Not only do many of these capsules find their way into a landfill, but the production of these capsules alone has a signficant negative environmental impact. What if there was a better way? That is exactly what we asked ourselves, and why we want to share Sealpod with you. 


Who We Are

Operated by two sisters with a passion for coffee and the environment, Sealpod was invented after a realization that there had to be a better option for home-brewed coffee. Founder and Designer of Sealpod, Molly got her first capsule coffee maker in 2012. While she was in love with the ease of use and quickness of the machine, she started to see just how much waste her disposable pods were making. With a background in research and design, she began to develop a reusable alternative.

Molly Liu :Founder

After coming up with a design that was unlike anything else on the market, Molly brought on her sister Eli to take over as CEO and help bring this game-changing product to coffee lovers everywhere. Together, they are on a mission to change the coffee world in numerous ways!

Eli Liu : President

Sealpod was created after realizing traditional coffee pods just weren’t enough. These reusable capsules are the perfect way to use your handy machines without making extra waste or being stuck with whatever is available for flavors. Pods are an amazing way to save money by avoiding coffee shops every day, and also offer the convenience of a delicious cup fast. However, they aren’t all providing the ability to individualize your cup of coffee each day.


The convenience of coffee pods is changing lives, but the small plastic cups that are tossed out each day are making a big impact on the environment. Sealpod is not only a better way to taste quality coffee at home, but also a great option for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint.

Quality Above All

When you create something amazing, there are bound to be copycats. Unfortunately, those who have taken inspiration from our design have not upheld the quality and safety measures that we care about so deeply. When you shop with Sealpod you are receiving the original, made with the highest-quality materials in a way that cannot be replicated. Our products are tested and sent to an outside lab to check for food-grade and non-toxic. We are proudly manufactured in Taiwan where we can properly manage protocols are followed and you receive the very best capsules.

We continue to strive to earn your trust and enhance your coffee experience at home. You deserve to indulge in your coffee and feel good about the impact you’re having on the planet we all share. Try Sealpod for yourself and drink coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed.