For Nespresso Compatible Reusable Capsule:

Will the capsule damage my machine?

Our Patented capsule is designed shorter than disposable capsules to avoid the blades, so its 100% safe and will not damage your Nespresso Original Line machines. Sealpod.

Do I have to align the capsule carefully when placing it in the machine?

No. Simply drop the Sealpod capsule into your machine as you would with any other capsule.

Is it necessary to descale my coffee machine?

Yes. Descale your machine at least every 6 month or 200 cups (Nespresso recommends to descale twice a year). This help to extend the lifespan of your machine, making sure the brewing pressure is normal. So before you use Sealpod, descale your machine.

How much coffee can I fill in Sealpod?

Sealpod is made a bit shorter than disposable pods to avoid the blades. Normally disposable pods is filled around 5.2g~5.5g of coffee, with Sealpod you can will 4.5g~5g.

Can I use SealPod to make Tea?

Yes, you can. Fill around half of the capsule with Loose Tea (don't use whole leaves) and use Paper filter sticker to seal. Press the bottom of espresso, wait for 30 seconds and then press the lungo bottom. You will get a nice and fresh tea!

Are the Aluminum stickers recyclable?

Using the stainless steel capsule, we can reduce the waste and still enjoy a nice cup of espresso. The stickers are recyclable. If the local recycling facility have difficulty to sort items due to its small size, collect the lids in an aluminum can and recycle them together.

What are the black silicone Fresh Covers used for?

Sealpod Innovative Fresh Covers are designed to seal the bottom of Sealpod capsules, so you can fill your capsules in advance and store them for later use, and still enjoy the convenience of your capsule machine.

Can I use the Paper Sticker to brew coffee?

The biodegradable Paper sticker is designed to brew Tea. You can also use it to brew coffee. However, it might lighten the flavor of coffee and filter away some crema. For a stronger taste of the coffee, we suggest you to get the aluminum lids instead.

Please be mindful that the paper sticker is not airtight. If seal the capsule with it, brew immediately or store in an airtight container.

My coffee isn’t what I expected. Is there a way I can improve it?

  • The coffee brews too slowly or dripping: The grind is too fine. Do not over tamp coffee. Simply fill and apply the sticker lid when grinding is too fine.
  • There is no crema / the coffee brews too quickly: The grind is too coarse. Apply more pressure when tamping.
  • Nespresso pods normally mix several blends of Arabica with Robusta coffee to make the coffee taste stronger. If you prefer a more intense coffee, you can try mixing Robusta with Arabica coffee, or purchase the blends that are mixed with both beans.

What type of grinder should I use? What is the grinding level?

Use BURR type grinder to ground your coffee beans.

For Sealpod (for Nespresso), the grinding level is “FINE”

For DGPod (for Dolce Gusto), the grinding level is “ESPRESSO”

If you are not sure, when you purchase the SET, it will come with a “Coffee Sample” to show you the suggested grinding level for your reference.


Coffee Tips

  1. Descale your machine at least every 6 months or over 200 cups. This will help extend the lifespan of your machine, making sure the brewing pressure is normal.

  1. Choose the roast level you prefer. You may try several roast level and profiles to find the one you enjoy the most. You might prefer different roasts for different purposes.

- If you're drinking the espresso straight, you might want a single-origin bean that's not roasted very dark.

- If you are making latte or cappuccino, you might want a darker roast that will stand up to the milk.

- Mixing different roast profiles in one blend also helps to get a more intense flavor.

  1. Use burrs type grinder to grind the beans. 

- If the beans are ground too coarsely, the water will run through them too quickly, so the flavor won't be developed and it will result in watery coffee. In this case, tamp the coffee harder when filling the capsule.

- If the beans are ground too fine, the shot will pull for too long which could make the espresso bitter, or even block the machine. In this case, do NOT tamp the coffee when filling the capsule.

  1. Store any unused coffee: If you have extra ground coffee, you can store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Try to use the leftover coffee as soon as you can, since the coffee will lose its flavor the longer it's stored.

- Avoid storing the ground coffee or beans in a refrigerator or freezer. These spaces can introduce moisture which will damage your coffee.

  1. Filling Sealpod: When filling the coffee inside the capsule, press the coffee with the back of your scoop with light pressure. According to the extraction, increase or decrease the pressure next time. The grind level, roasting profile and coffee blend might also play a role.

We hope you find these tips helpful!