Sealpod – Compatible with Nespresso Original Line Machines (Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuo line or Nescafe Dolce Gusto)

People with Capsule Machine, what are they looking for when purchasing Capsule Machine? Secret desires?

  • Look better and more sophisticated
  • Showing off 
  • Prestige 
  • Above others
  • Convenience
  • Consistently good coffee
  • Higher standard, sophisticated, looking above other people…

What are some external problems they might face?

  • Making a lot of trash
  • Expensive disposable capsules
  • Limited flavors available 
  • Don’t know what ingredients or coffee beans are used in the capsule (some use cheap robusta coffee and some use artificial flavor)
  • Brewing through hot plastic/aluminum, not safe for your body

What concerns/fears to use reusable capsules?

  • Don’t even know it exist
  • Might damage your machine (Nespresso customer service tells people this)
  • Not sure capsule can produce good coffee
  • Not convenient, time consuming, looks complicated
  • Not sure I can make a good cup of coffee – I am not a barista
  • Looking cheap to use reusable coffee
  • Don’t have grinder to ground your coffee beans
  • Don’t want to admit that disposable capsule is actually bad (hurting the environment, spending too much on capsule…)
  • Don’t know who made these capsules, is it even safe?



  • You have the freedom of choice.
  • You can use disposable but also have the choice to use reusable capsules
  • Don’t want people who have capsule machine to feel condemn for using disposable capsule, but give them another choice..

SealPod Features

  • Helps you reduce waste
  • Save money
  • Use your favorite coffee
  • Produce good coffee, stable and rich crema
  • You can pre-fill and store using Sealpod fresh cover
  • Easy to fill, easy to clean – even a 70 year old lady can use it with ease
  • Design in Taiwan, capsule also made in Taiwan (stickers made in china)
  • Patent design, will not damage your machine because it is shorter

Sealpod Benefits

  • Sealpod has a story, clear contact information
  • Not just a product from China trying to make money without caring the safety of the product 
  • Free from a guilty conscious when throwing away all the used capsules, making less waste and helping the planet be a better place
  • Give you the freedom of choice, free to choose any coffee bean you like
  • Support your local roaster using fresh coffee beans
  • Make you feel sophisticated, one step ahead of people who are still using disposable capsules
  • Helps you save money for better use, not compromising the quality of your coffee
  • You can enjoy filling the capsule with your kids, let them help you, share some family time together with the coffee you like
  • You can mix different blends and have fun, knowing what you put in your capsule and having a peace of mind
  • Smell the aroma of fresh roasted coffee in the morning
  • No rush mornings, you can pre-fill and store and still enjoy the convenience of your capsule machine

Target audience

  1. People who already have capsule machine and realized the disadvantages of disposable capsules, and are looking for reusable capsule – competing with current reusable capsules like Recaps / Icafilas / plastic reusable
  2. People who have capsule machine bud does not know they have the option to use reusable, or does not know the benefit of reusable capsule, or does not even know they actually need a reusable capsule and it can help solve some of their internal problems – competing against Disposable Capsules like Nespresso / Lavazza / LOR / Starbucks…
  3. People who are thinking about purchasing a nespresso capsule machine

Sealpod competition

  1. iCafilas 
  2. Recaps – Copy of Sealpod
  3. Plastic Reusable Capsule
  4. Waycap

Words from the founder Molly Liu

We can all agree that having a coffee capsule machine makes life easier. Great coffee ready in seconds. 

But suddenly, you feel something is off.  You know that :

  • You need to put the extra effort into recycling or all that garbage hurts our environment.
  • You spend more money on pre-packed coffee capsules. 
  • Feeling constrain for pre-packed coffee selections and want to try fresh roasted coffee, maybe your own signature blend, or try some popular coffee brands such as Lavazza, Illy, Starbucks..etc

So, the obvious solution would be either you go back to the old ways and waste time making watery coffee, or you find a way to boost your coffee capsule’s value, and that will be getting a capsule that you can use and reuse right? 

Now the Question would be HOW to choose the right one? 

Well, just like you, I had the same concerns many years ago. 

So, back in 2012, I bought about all the reusable capsules I could find so I can brew my own coffee. And my 5 criteria to choose a Reusable capsule were:

  • Must work well.
  • This is so basic right? But in reality, some of them do not fit well inside the machine. That means it damage your machine.


  • Food grade safe: 
  • Some of them even melted while trying to brew coffee! 

  • Able to make a good coffee with crema: 
  • That’s the creamy layer on top of our coffee. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s an indication that I had a perfect brew.

    So many just makes watery coffee or had difficulty with coffee extraction, which means that the machine couldn’t handle the pressure pumping into the capsule, and this can ruin the inner pipes.

  • Easy to use and easy to clean:
  • You need a no hassle, easy solution so you can keep the habit up. But some of them are tricky to use, difficult to clean, and coffee residue gets stuck in their lids.

  • Who designed all these products?

  • With all those problems I saw while reviewing some products mentioned above, I got curious what kind of company is behind every product? What are their values? Were they thinking about the users making sure that it won’t damage their machine? Were people’s health taken into consideration or were they just for the profit no matter the consequences? Or they just copy other brands design blindly and hope to scam customers?

    Because none of the capsules I bought were able to pass the 5 basic criteria, so eventually I decided to make my own reusable capsule, one that will work, make good coffee, compatible with my machine, and me not getting poison along the way.

    After almost two years of research on hundreds of machines, lab testing for non toxic issues, and perfecting the brewing, SealPod was finally ready. A coffee capsule that you and me will be willing to use and reuse for a long time. And this is the most important part, because you know, the more you use, the more money you save, and the more you help our environment without compromising the quality of your coffee.

    Now, you can be confident that authentic/original SealPod was designed by a coffee capsule lover that has your best interest at heart, and that’s what makes SealPod so unique and trust-worthy.