Why Choose SealPod

SealPod Features

  • BETTER BREWS, RICHER CREMA Start your day with a classic perk-me-up drink with SealPod.
  • COFFEE WITH A CONSCIENCE Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, our refillable pods let you save waste and keep you safe from burning through hot plastic pods. The more you use, the more you save!
  • YOUR COFFEE, YOUR CHOICE Experience coffee from all over the world from the comfort of your home. SealPod gives you the freedom to choose your mix of beans and match what suits your taste.
  • HARMLESS TO YOUR MACHINE Our patented capsule is 100% safe for your Capsule Machine

Sealpod helps you make the most out of your machine

Freedom of Choice

SealPod is designed to elevate every coffee lover into a coffee connoisseur. We created our reusable capsules to give you the freedom to choose which beans and blend to try with your Nespresso Machine. Whether you prefer to grind your own beans or stick to disposable pods, SealPod is a choice you can always turn to.


Travel The World with One Coffee Machine

Experience treasured arabica coffee beans from the native forests of Ethiopia, or try the earthy flavored beans with subtle notes of fruits, flowers, and spice from the neighboring country of Rwanda. How about taking a sip of the famous Geisha coffee fresh off your own Nespresso machine? With SealPod, you can taste the best brews from around the globe without stepping out of your home.


Minimize Waste, Maximize Flavor

Save on money and single-use waste, but never skimp on flavor. SealPod is an eco-friendly coffee capsule alternative that doesn’t compromise your favorite cup of joe. Reduce your environmental footprint and keep your health in check by brewing less through hot plastic.