Descale powder for coffee capsule machines

Descale Powder 150g


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Descaling is Key for the machine’s optimal performance


After using your machine for a while, mineral scale will build-up on the heating elements and the pipe of your capsule machine, preventing water to rinse at the optimal pressure and temperature, which will result in an under-extracted coffee with weaker flavor.


The build-up of mineral scale will also deteriorate your capsule machine decreasing the performance and lifespan of it.

Descaling removes the mineral scale build-up that forms on the heating element and the pipe. Sealpod Descaling Powder rinses away thoroughly, unlike vinegar which can be difficult to rinse, takes longer to be effective and leaves behind an unpleasant odor and aftertaste that affects the aroma and taste of your coffee.



Descale your Nespresso Coffee machine for better brews
Main Component of the Descale Powder: Citric acid powder-Our descale powder is made with 100% organic and natural ingredients- For descaling purpose only, DO NOT DRINK IT!


Tips for you

  • - Descale your Coffee Machineevery 300 cups or every 6 months. This help to extend the lifespan of your machine making sure the brewing pressure is normal.


How To Use:

  1. Add 500ml of water to your machine’s water tank.
  2. Add the descale powder and mix it well.
  3. Turn on your machine and switch to descale mode and run twice.
  4. After descaling, rinse your machine twice with clean water to remove the remain flavors and odor of the descale powder.


How to use Sealpod's Descale Powder for nespresso original line machines